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Bread and Wine: How God Uses Ordinary Things

Whatever you call it, the Eucharist, the Mass, the Divine Liturgy, celebrating the Lord’s Supper is one of the most important events that Christians take part in. (See 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 for more information on communion in the early Church). Even though there are often significant differences in beliefs about what God does for the faithful during the Eucharist, there are a few things that we do hold in common:

  • We celebrate God’s greatest gift to us
  • We identify ourselves as member’s of Christ’s one body
  • We’re strengthened for our service to Christ

Probably the most significant thing about the celebration of communion is that God does the extraordinary using very ordinary items. Bread and wine have long been a part of Jewish Sabbath meals and unleavened bread with wine is a staple of the Passover meal. Passover commemorates God’s deliverance of the Jewish people from bondage and the Eucharist celebrates God’s redemption of the Church through Christ’s sacrifice.

No matter whether your beliefs take the shape of transubstantiation, consubstantiation or spiritual Real Presence, we can agree that God uses each of us to carry out Christ’s mission to the world. If God can make the sharing of bread and wine into the sharing of Christ’s Body and Blood, then God can just as easily use us to help fulfill the Great Commission.



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