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Since We Can’t See All Things…

Luke 9:57-62

It seems as though many of the people who decided to follow Jesus weren’t totally aware of what they were “signing up for”. Following Christ comes with a cost. For most of us, this will mean changes in how we think about things. However, for many others, it may mean loss of family relationships, their jobs or homes or even their lives.

None of us can totally see all things. For example, many of Jesus’ earliest followers were seeking a very different sort of Messiah from the one modern Christians understand Jesus to be. I think the idea that Jesus could die, and that Jesus’ followers could meet a similar fate, simply never occurred to many of them.

Even though we can’t see the end of all things, we can be confident about our identity in Christ.  God never promised a completely hassle-free life, but we were promised a more abundant life. In the liturgical tradition, candidates for baptism enter into a special covenant with God. In this baptismal covenant, Satan and his evil are renounced, belief in God is affirmed and the promise to live a Christian life is made.

It’s true we may not know what the future holds, but we do know Who is by our side as we step into it.



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