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Is Liturgy Too Mystical?

A family member from a very staunchly evangelical background once commented that he felt that the Episcopal Church’s liturgy was too “mystical”. I’m not 100% sure what he meant by “mystical”, but I think it’s worth mentioning the fact that there’s a good reason why liturgical Christian groups celebrate services the way they do.

What it’s NOT about:

  • Having the priest or pastor act as a go-between
  • Making an encounter with God unreachable for ordinary people
  • Worship of anything other than God

What liturgical worship IS about:

  •  Putting worship in its proper context – an act of faith that ALL present take part in, not just the clergy or other worship leaders.
  • Understanding that God is present in and involved with our daily lives, especially when we worship together as a community.
  • Knowledge of the fact that others have gone on before us and that their lives an an example we should be inspired by.

What’s your favorite thing about liturgical-style worship?



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