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The Christian Hope – How It’s Different

If you’eve ever read a catechism for any major Christian tradition, you’ve probably heard the term “the Christian hope”. Unfortunately, many critics of Christianity miss the point altogether, making comments about “pie in the sky” and other such stuff.

Any focus on Christianity that focuses entirely upon eternal rewards and ignores the present, I think, isn’t really expressing the true essence of the Christian hope. Obviously, we want to spend eternity in God’s presence and most Christians, unless they’ve been exposed to toxic teachings about the Second Coming, eagerly await it.

However, God is concerned with more than just the state of our souls. After all, Jesus became one of us (minus the sinful nature) and ministered among us.  If He were concerned only with spiritual health, He wouldn’t have healed so many physical and mental infirmities.

At its best, the Christian Hope is firmly rooted in the Incarnation – God is with us.  Our Lord uses “ordinary” things and events in our lives to remind us of this hope.From every baptism where new members are added to the Church, to every celebration of communion where we remember the act that gave us eternal life to  every funeral liturgy when we celebrate one’s entry into the Church Triumphant, this hope becomes alive for us.


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