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No Room in the Inn, or in Our Hearts

Christmas pageants and plays are a feature at many churches this time of year. Everyone probably clamors to be Mary, Joseph or possibly a shepherd, yet probably not the innkeeper who turned them away. Hmmm…why would that be?

History doesn’t provide us with any details on who this person (or persons were). We just know that there was no room in their home for this expectant young couple. Ironically, a similar situation still plays out today.

It’s ironic that a holiday to celebrate Christ’s birth sometimes doesn’t have a place for Jesus. Each year, it seems like there’s yet another incident the day after Thanksgiving that involves total chaos at Christmas sales. Tension about who’s invited to what party, or whether Chrissy got a more expensive gift than Shelly never help matters much.

Maybe we need to step back during these last few days of Advent and ask whether there’s room for the love of Christ in our hearts. When it’s there, we can treasure Christmas more fully and use it to bring more joy to those around us.



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