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A Walk with Many Helpers

Christians in many traditions may feel as though their witness is lacking if they’re not enough of a “soul winner”.  A lot of pressure is put on bringing friends and loved ones to Christ, with success measured by the recitation of a prayer or possibly getting them into their local congregation. Indeed, some ministries even train members to lead people to Christ (according to their ministry’s teachings), when many of these people are, in fact, already Christians.

The biggest problem with this way of thinking is that it pushes God out of the equation and puts too much of the pressure on the individual Christians who are witnessing. Rather than raising up Christians with healthy spiritual lives, this can create people who are more disciples of another person than Christ.

1 Corinthians 3:1-9 deals with something very similar. New Christians were affirming that they belonged to whoever introduced them to the Gospel, rather than rightfully acknowledging them as servants whom God sent. Back then, as it often is now, sometimes one would “plant”, while another would “water”, with God being behind the growth. Over the course of our lives, we are often introduced to many people who play a foundational role in shaping us as Christians. Should you be in a situation where God calls you to be a “helper’ for another Christian, just remember Who is responsible for any growth that takes place.


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