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Taking the Devil to Task (The Baptismal Covenant)

Question: Do you renounce Satan and all the spiritual forces of wickedness that rebel against God?
Answer: I renounce them.

Talking about the devil today might seem quaint or silly to some. Many of the things that go on in this world have explanations that don’t involve anything supernatural. It doesn’t help that some people literally blame demonic activity on everything that goes wrong,  or see the devil as some creature that has a power nearly equivalent to God.

There is real evil in the world that’s impossible to ignore. Even most people without religious convictions have a definition of evil. Regardless of whether evils like hatred, greed, exploitation and violence are the result of the direct influence of the devil or human malice, the effects of evil distort our relationships with God and each other.

When we renounce the devil and his forces of wickedness, we’re taking a stand against these evils. In effect, we’re saying that we’ve joined God’s team. While we won’t be completely free from evil this side of the grave, we can start on that journey that brings us through the trials of life and leads to everlasting peace and joy.


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