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Down and Back Up Again

Job with Devil

Job 42:5

A balance between healthy skepticism and the type of doubt that ends up being somewhat self-destructive is hard to find. Many of the voices in “pop Christianity” see all doubt as a bad thing, despite the fact that serious spiritual growth often comes out of such doubt. On the flip side of the coin, others doubt because they don’t find easy answers to every bit of hardship that happens.  While Job is often upheld as a model of patience, maybe he needs to be seen in the light of a type of doubt that can be beneficial.

We must remember that Job was a skeptic in that he wasn’t afraid to question God. This might sound just nuts to a lot of people, but Job didn’t hesitate to cry out to God to ask why all this stuff was allowed to happen – and God didn’t get angry at Job. In fact, it was his fair-weather friends who were told off for their behavior.

Thinking we have all the answers is one of the biggest mistakes in the book. Yet, Job’s friends stand out as examples of just how often we do that. When misfortune strikes, it’s all too easy to spend time thinking about what someone must have done wrong – sometimes, it’s simply a matter of how “stuff happens”.

When we get back up again after one of life’s punches, it’s good. The circumstances that lead us to that point seldom are. However, it’s our ability to survive and weather these storms that makes all the difference.


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