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Redemption, Peace and Healing

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Some of our sisters and brothers outside the liturgical tradition feel that confessing sins is strictly a thing of the past. It may be seen as legalistic, or, when it involves confessing to another Christian, usurping god’s place.

Nothing is further from the truth. In fact, some of our most beloved Psalms, many attributed directly to David, take the form of a confession.

In 2 Samuel 11:1-15, we read about David doing something that he was very sorry for, indeed. His actions would later have consequences that would affect many. The account of his affair with Bathsheba fits in perfectly with Psalm 14.

We all mess up, even royally sometimes. (Absolutely no pun intended!) Sin affects the most powerful and those with no power of influence alike.

The good news is that Jesus has brought redemption, peace, and healing into the world. If God can work in and redeem someone who has committed several serious sins, even the little, everyday ones we commit are no big deal for God to handle.


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