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Bibbia con rosa

Today, the Western Church remembers St. Jerome (d. 420). Those of us who have worked in libraries (or maybe have something that resembles one in our homes!) know that he’s the patron saint of librarians. However, why is this so, and what can it teach us today?

Jerome is remembered for translating Scripture into Latin, which was then the language of the Church. As such, he was a type of librarian who oversaw a collection of books. Remember, the Bible isn’t a single book in the way that your favorite novel is – it is a collection of books that contain God’s words that were written down by many people as a witness.

So much dissention in Christianity today involves squabbles over differing interpretations. Much of this could be avoided if we were to remember that it didn’t, in fact, drop down from the sky in a single volume complete with concordances and notes. Rather, the various writings that make up the Scriptures as we have them today came about as ordinary people put their interactions with God into words. We would benefit from keeping Paul’s words in mind about what Scripture IS for: teaching us what we need to know about salvation, helping us receive correction when wrong, and equipping us to be better disciples.


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