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The Cup That Truly Matters

Chalice (PSF)

A simple, paper cup has caused at lot of controversy among some Christians with the start of the retail holiday season. The red cup that coffee chain Starbucks is using has angered some Christians upset over its lack of designs associated with Christmas. This has prompted a movement of people making it a special point to give their names to baristas as Merry Christmas so that the phrase will appear on the cup.

Sometimes, I think that, in the effort to “put Christ back in Christmas”, many Christians are forgetting one thing: the retail world’s celebration of the holiday’s has nothing to do with “Christ’s Mass” and everything to do with making money. The real enemy isn’t those who celebrate different holidays, but greed and commercialism that even many who profess Christ get caught up in.

One thing that I find ironic is how many Christians are unaware of or forget that most of what the world tells us is part of the Christmas season isn’t actually part of it at all. Most of the anger directed at what greeting store clerks use or how stores advertise their products takes place during Advent, not the actual Christmas season.

Sometimes retailers and others may take things a little too far, as in holiday trees instead of Christmas trees. However, where is the outrage over the fact that much of Christianity essentially allows the secular world to dictate the terms of the holiday’s celebration? If we must “take back Christmas”, maybe we need to consider it in the context of universally celebrating the traditional seasons – after all, isn’t that part of beng in the world, but not of the world?

The image above serves as a reminder that Christmas has its meaning in the Mass – one of the most important ways in which the Incarnate Christ makes himself known to us. It’s not about how much stuff you baked, whether the dog’s present is wrapped, or whose house you’re having dinner at. It’s about whether we honor the humble birth of Our Lord and bring his message of peace and reconciliation to a world that needs it.


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