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Today, the Episcopal Church and many churches throughout the Anglican Communion remember Channing Moore Williams, an early missionary to Japan and China. When we hear of the impact of missionaries such as these, it makes us remember that spread the Gospel is all about behaving selflessly.

In Luke 10:1-9,  Jesus sends the disciples on a mission to preach the Good News with literally the clothes on their back. Although there is no reason to believe this is a command for those who proclaim the Gospel today to become vagrants, we can glean that Jesus expects us to trust God and the ability to provide in our endeavors.

What I like to call “pop Christianity” today would have us believe that spreading the Good News involves sending large sums of money to “teachers” who live lavish lifestyles. Their fruits are obvious when you see the large numbers of people both in the US and abroad who live in poverty.

However, the apostles and many saints ranging from St. Basil down through Channing Moore Williams and others who have succeeded them not only ministered to souls, but people’s physical needs. We worship a God who became incarnate to bring full restoration and reconciliation to us – body, soul and spirit.

Let us go in peace to love and serve the Lord this Advent and Christmas!


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