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Finding a Place for Epiphany

Today, the Church celebrates Epiphany, which is also known as Little Christmas or Three Kings Day in some cultures. We might think about it as the holiday where gifts are sometimes exchanged instead of on Christmas or when we eat a King Cake, but there’s more to it than that.

At the time of Jesus’ birth, many had a myopic view of the influence the Messiah was to have had. For many, he would be a Redeemer to the Jewish people alone, but God had other plans, as God usually does.

The visit from the Magi, or wise men, dispelled that belief for the first time. These men (their exact number is unknown but traditionally considered three for the three gifts given) were Gentiles, and their desire to find and worship the Son of God signified how God’s plan of redemption was for all people.

When we pay close attention to the Bible readings for the Epiphany season, there is a common thread among most of them: Jesus’ interactions with Gentiles, many of whom were considered unclean. Reaching out to misunderstood religious minorities of the day with God’s message of salvation was just as important then as it is now.

Maybe¬† the most important thing we can take away from the message of the Epiphany is this: the good news is for all people – let’s not keep it to ourselves!



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