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A Community Evensong Outline

I hope you’re all enjoying the Fourth, and can recognize this as an opportunity to celebrate the religious we so often take for granted. As part of our religious freedom, let’s remember the fact that Christians throughout the ages have often been persecuted, even by other Christians, for how they worship.

I posted about the concept of a community evensong service on CelticAnglican’s Ramblings, and hope this will be a resource that many of you will use. We enjoy the freedom to worship as we please, especially in the company of fellow Christians of other denominations.

Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure your bulletin, if used, clearly denotes which parts of the service are said/sung by all and which are said or sung specifically by the choir/liturgical leaders with bolding or italics
  • Some attendees from non-liturgical traditions may not understand or be comfortable with the congregation reading in unison or responsively, phrasing should indicate they may or are welcome to take part in the bold or italicized readings
  • If the congregation will sing the Psalm(s) in unison, consider using a plainsong chant setting or a hymn that is a metrical version of the psalm

A prelude featuring church musicians may be used

The Service of Light on p. 109 to 112 of the Book of Common Prayer can be a good way to start this service if you have candles to hand out to attendees

Sentences of Scripture appropriate to evening worship or the Church season

A versicle and response, such as that on p.117 of the Book of Common Prayer

O Gracious Light or an appropriate evening hymn (Examples: The Day Thou Gavest, Abide with Me, Day is Done, For the Beauty of the Earth, Lord of All Hopefulness are just some examples)

Psalm or Psalms

First Scripture reading

The Magnificat/Song of Mary

Second Scripture reading

Nunc Dimittis/Song of Simeon


Apostles’ Creed

Lord’s Prayer with Versicle & Response p. 121 Book of Common Prayer

Suffrages p. 121 Book of Common Prayer

Collect of the Day & Other Appropriate Collects

Hymn or anthem

General intercessions & prayers for mission

General Thanksgiving and/or Prayer of St. John Chrysostom

Closing Versaicle & Response, with optional closing Scripture verses


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