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Yes, We All Need Some Quiet Sometimes

Jesus Praying Stained Windows in Bukit Doa Getsemane

A priest on EWTN recently emphasized how much the contemplatuve tradition is still needed, and I couldn’t agree more. There are so many demands on our time and attention at the best of times, and pop culture-influenced Christianity has often done its best to shut out the contemplative aspect.

A whole generation has grown up with megachurches that are so influential that, for many, their way of doing things is the authentic way and others are wrong. Liturgical churches are often run down as being “boring”, “like a funeral”, or not “relevant”.

However, all the glitz and showmanship found in many modern churches would have baffled Jesus’ early followers, and not just because of the technology. How often do we read about Jesus going to a quiet place to pray, as well as partcipating in public prayer?

Jesus’ followers understood the need for quiet and contemplation well enough that the monastic tradition took root within a few centuries. Even though most of us will live in the world and not in a cloistered community, the witness of these early monastics has a few things to teach us.

  1. We all need time away from the cares of the world, even if just for a few moments of each day
  2. Worship services need to make room for private, contemplative prayer
  3. Encouraging contemplative prayer, coupled with Bible reading, is a good way to let God’s Word speak to us

Have you taken your quiet time alone with God recently?


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