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The following article provided some inspiration for a new series about why liturgical worship is still needed in this day and age.  In a day and age where many Christian communities are struggling to reach younger members while staying true to their roots, it can seem tempting to decide to dispense with traditional worship altogether. However, worshiping in the right spirit involves so much more than just being culturally relevant. Relevant worship isn’t about being relevant to trends and innovations in the light of modern cultural understandings.  Rather, it’s about presenting timeless truths that may be expressed in different ways according to cultural norms, but still according to the “tried and true” way of doing things. The blog posts over the next several weeks:

– Decently and in Good Order

– The Origins: Older Than You Might Think

– The How and Why of Contemporary Worship

– AReturn to Basics


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Is Liturgy Too Mystical?

A family member from a very staunchly evangelical background once commented that he felt that the Episcopal Church’s liturgy was too “mystical”. I’m not 100% sure what he meant by “mystical”, but I think it’s worth mentioning the fact that there’s a good reason why liturgical Christian groups celebrate services the way they do.

What it’s NOT about:

  • Having the priest or pastor act as a go-between
  • Making an encounter with God unreachable for ordinary people
  • Worship of anything other than God

What liturgical worship IS about:

  •  Putting worship in its proper context – an act of faith that ALL present take part in, not just the clergy or other worship leaders.
  • Understanding that God is present in and involved with our daily lives, especially when we worship together as a community.
  • Knowledge of the fact that others have gone on before us and that their lives an an example we should be inspired by.

What’s your favorite thing about liturgical-style worship?


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Why Do Churches Need Liturgy?

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One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church

In Acts 11:1-18, we read one of the first examples of the Church’s catholic nature. Even though the word catholic isn’t used, it does highlight the universal nature of the Church. In its broadest sense, this is what the word catholic means, as well as referring a a particular communion of churches.

In Peter’s day, one of the biggest issues was whether we are to follow the Law of Moses. Today, even though the biggest distinction in the Church isn’t between Jew and Gentile, there are differing groups that the Church tries to reach who have different religious and/or cultural values.

Some Christian ministries, in response to unchurched people, have started planting congregations based upon certain concepts, such as congregations geared towards cowboys, others geared towards bikers or hard rock fans, etc. There are a couple of things to bear in mind, though, regarding this trend:

  • There were various, diverse groups of people during the New Testament era. Yet, we don’t read about congregations being established around various guilds or other groups. The apostles rightfully recognized the need to preach the whole faith to all people.
  • Some of these congregations place a lot of emphasis on casual dress and a more casual service, especially for people who have no church background. Yet, “come as you are” can go just as easily with traditional liturgy.

May we always realize how important the Church’s universal nature is.

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Video of Kids Chanting Morning Prayer

Above is a video of kids chanting an Eastern Orthodox morning prayer service. Major “cute factor” aside, I think this shows the importance of including children in the family of faith as early as possible. Kids can and do get excited about liturgy, and this is an example.

What suggestions do you have for getting kids interested in liturgy from an early age?

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Ode to Joy Flashmob

Proof that good Christian music comes in many different types, and can definitely be appreciated by all ages. 🙂

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Converting to the Liturgical Tradition

A friend recently remarked about reading the book “Evangelicals on the Canterbury Trail”. I heartily recommend this book, as well as “Becoming Orthodox”, which describes similar faith journeys. Though I was raised in the Episcopal Church, I always find accounts of converts to the liturgical tradition who started out as evangelicals to be very interesting.

Christians decide to embrace the liturgical tradition for a variety of reasons. For some, it provides opportunities for personal ministry that don’t exist in their own denominations. In the case of others, it’s a desire to embrace beliefs closer to those of the early Church. For many who have gone through abuse in their original faith traditions, a different way of worshiping allows healing.

Please feel free to share your stories about what drew you to the liturgical tradition.

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Confession Really IS Good for the Soul

One church custom that may seem odd to people outside of the liturgical tradition is having a general confession at the beginning of the service, or just before the offertory. Does it take away from the spirit of worship to confess before or during the service?

Jesus us commands us to worship in spirit and in truth. What better way is there to do this them by having a right attitude towards God and our fellow Christians? Confessing our continual need for God’s mercy and grace gives us the assurance of forgiveness.

When we receive communion after a confession, either general or private, it helps us to stay away from committing the sin of receiving unworthily. Our remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice when we receive communion is important enough to warrant approaching it with a pure heart.

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Let’s Keep Traditional Music

The Daily Office website recently included a YouTube video of the choir at King’s College in Cambridge, England, singing Come Down, O Love Divine. Timeless hymns such as this have a special beauty all their own that’s often under-appreciated.

I don’t have anything against contemporary Christian music, don’t get me wrong. CCM artists are among some of my favorites. However, the trend outside the liturgical tradition seems to be abandoning traditional hymnody altogether in favor of contemporary music. While it’s doubtful this would happen inside the liturgical tradition, we do need to know when to draw the line between introducing things that are new and abandoning tradition in favor of perceived relevancy.

We should always be open to enriching music ministries. however, we shouldn’t forget the rich historical tradition that’s made our worship what is is, either.

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Who Said Liturgical Services Were Boring?

Charismatic Catholics, some Anglicans and other Christianms worship together after a charismatic conference

Part of the Easter Vigil from St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church:

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