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April Bible Quiz

1. How many sons did Jesse, King David’s father have?

a. Seven b. Eight c. The passage doesn’t say d. Four

2. What were the Ephesians commanded to do regarding the works of darkness?

a. Take no part in them b. Expose them c. Both a and b d. Only mention them

3. What happened to Jewish people who proclaimed Jesus as Messiah in John’s Gospel?

a. They were expelled from the synagogue b. The Pharisees confronted each one c. Nothing was done d. They were called to public repentance

4. Which prophet prophesied in the valley of the dried bones?

a. Samuel b. Isaiah c. Jeremiah d. Ezekiel

5. When did Jesus state that He was the Resurrection and the Life?

a. When he dined with Mary and Martha b. At the raising of Lazarus c. At the Feast of the dedication d. At the Resurrection

6. Which Epistle describes how Jesus emptied himself and became subject to death?

a. Philippians b. James c. 1 John d. 2 Corinthians

7. How many different accounts of Jesus’ Passion appear in the Bible?

a. Two b. Four c. One d. Three

8. Who gives a speech about how God shows no partiality, and recounts Jesus ministry, death and resurrection?

a. Paul b. Barnabas c. Peter d. Matthew

9. Which Psalm is often appointed to be read on either Palm Sunday or Resurrection Day?

a. 14 b. 118 c. 24 d. 22

10. Which follower of Jesus appears in both Matthew’s and John’s accounts of the resurrection?

a. Mary Magdalene b. Salome c. Peter d. John


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March Bible Quiz

Answers are now posted

1. Who accompanied Moses when he went up the mountain to receive the tablets of stone in Exodus 24?

a. Aaron and Hur b. God’s angel c. Joshua d. The elders

2. In Psalm 99, where does it say that God spoke to the people of Israel from?

a. The pillar of cloud b. Mt. Zion c. The Holy of Holies d. David’s throne

3.  In 2 Peter 1, believers were advised to be attentive to the prophetic message. What analogy was used and for how long were they to be attentive?

a. voice from heaven, until Paul visited again b. a lamp shining, the day dawns and the morning star rises c. a lamp shining, a voice from heaven speaks d. None of the above

4. In Matthew 17, who appeared with Jesus on the mountain?

a. Moses b. Elijah c. Both a and b d. No one

5. True or False: In Genesis 2, the Scripture specifically states that the fruit Eve ate was an apple

a. True b. False

6. In Psalm 32, what does the Psalmist refer to God as?

a. His hiding place b. A great water c. A heavy hand d. All of the above

7. In Matthew 4, how many times does the devil tempt Jesus with during His fasting?

a. Four b. Two c. Three d. Once

8. In Romans 4, what was Abraham justified by?

a. Faith b. Works c. Faith and works d. God’s predestination

9. True or False: God did not send Jesus to condemn the world

a. True b. False

10. In John 4, how did Jesus tell the Samaritan woman that people need to worship?

a. Only in Jerusalem b. On mountains c. In their homes d. In spirit and in truth

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February Bible Quiz

I’ve just highlighted the answers to the questions. Look for the March quiz in a few minutes. 🙂

1. The prophet Isaiah describes what makes a true fast in chapter 58. Which of these is NOT considered to be part of a fast acceptable to the LORD?

a. Lying in sackcloth and ashes b. Sharing food with the hungry c. Clothing the naked d. Setting the oppressed free

2. In 1 Corinthians 2, who has the mind of Christ?

a. The Jewish leaders b. The apostles c. Paul d. Those with certain spiritual gifts

3. In Matthew 5, what does Jesus use to illustrate the city on the hill? a.  The teaching of the Torah b. The salt of the earth c. A lamp on a lampstand d. A lamp under a basket

4. In Psalm 112, what is promised of the righteous?

a. They will be remembered forever b. They will be shown compassion c. They’ll have rich descendants d. Justice will prevail for them

5. In Ecclesiasticus 15, what is available for each person to choose?

a. Life and death b. Power and weakness c. Obedience and disobedience d. secrecy and light

6. In Deuteronomy 30, what would bring about Israel’s blessings being withdrawn?

a. Making a pact with death b. Worshiping other gods c. Pronouncing curses d. Adding to the law

7. In the first part of Psalm 119 (marked aleph), what does the psalmist ask of God?

a. To be kept from wrongdoing b. To make him think of the commandments all the time c. Not to be forsaken d. To make God’s law clearer to him

8. In 1 Corinthians 3, who is credited with the growth of believers?

a. Fellow Christians b. Apollos c. Paul d. God

9. In Matthew 5, what does Jesus instruct people to do when they have a dispute when making an offering?

a. Make your offering first b. Ask for a fair judge c. Be reconciled, then offer the gift d. None of the above

10. On February 2nd, Western liturgical churches celebrate the Presentation in the Temple. True or false: Jesus was presented in the Temple to fulfill a requirement of the Jewish law.

a. True b. False

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Quiz for 2 Epiphany

1. In 1 Samuel, how many times was Samuel called as a boy before realizing that it was God speaking to him?

A. Twice B. Once C. Four times D. He already knew God would be speaking to him

2. In Psalm 139, what does the psalmist compare the thoughts of God to?

A. Words on his lips B. The depths of the earth C. Grains of sand D. No comparison is made

3. In 1 Corinthians, why does Paul condemn fornication so strongly? A. The body is meant for the Lord B. The fornicators sins against his/her body C. A comparison is made between fornication and joining to a prostitute D. All of the above

4. Which follower of Jesus questioned whether anything good could come from Nazareth? A. Philip B. Nathanael C. Andrew D. Peter

5. True or False: Eli was the priest that Samuel served under as a boy

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Quiz for Baptism of Christ

1. In Genesis, which was created first, the day or the night?

2. In Acts, how is John’s baptism considered different from the baptism the apostles preached?

3. True or False: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all depicted as being distinctively present at Jesus’ baptism in Mark

4. In Acts, where did Paul find the apostles who only knew John’s baptism?

5. Which river did John baptize in?

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Quiz for 2 Christmas

1. The prophet Jeremiah gives a promise regarding a remnant of Israel being gathered. Does he only specify a certain country they’re to be gathered from?
2. In Ephesians, when does it say that God chose us?
3. In which Gospel is Jesus found teaching in the Temple as a 12-year-old?
4. True or False: The prophets have a lot of criticism for the unrighteous, but offer much hope for the righteous
5. Name two times when the Virgin Mary “pondered things in her heart” (one is referenced in question 3)

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