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Out Into the World

Today, the Episcopal Church and many churches throughout the Anglican Communion remember Channing Moore Williams, an early missionary to Japan and China. When we hear of the impact of missionaries such as these, it makes us remember that spread the Gospel is all about behaving selflessly.

In Luke 10:1-9,  Jesus sends the disciples on a mission to preach the Good News with literally the clothes on their back. Although there is no reason to believe this is a command for those who proclaim the Gospel today to become vagrants, we can glean that Jesus expects us to trust God and the ability to provide in our endeavors.

What I like to call “pop Christianity” today would have us believe that spreading the Good News involves sending large sums of money to “teachers” who live lavish lifestyles. Their fruits are obvious when you see the large numbers of people both in the US and abroad who live in poverty.

However, the apostles and many saints ranging from St. Basil down through Channing Moore Williams and others who have succeeded them not only ministered to souls, but people’s physical needs. We worship a God who became incarnate to bring full restoration and reconciliation to us – body, soul and spirit.

Let us go in peace to love and serve the Lord this Advent and Christmas!


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Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley, Bishops and Martyrs



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St. Teresa of Avila

Biography of Teresa Avila

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About Julian of Norwich

Info from The Julian Shrine

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Pope Francis I

Info from The Christian Post

What specific gifts and talents do you think he’ll bring to the papacy?

Will the election of a Pope from outside Europe for the first time in centuries bring changes to The Catholic Church?

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Lessons from the Miracle at Cana

This link contains what I think is an article with reading, written from a Catholic perspective. It made me think of some I’ve known who have taken their opposition to the Catholic Marian doctrines to a level that opens up more cans of worms than the original doctrines in question. 

I’ve known of one person who believed that Jesus addressing Mary as “woman” had some sort of deep significance. Since he was a member of a sect that rejects many historic Christian doctrines at the time, he wholeheartedly rejected the concept of Mary as the “Mother of God/Godbearer” and wanted to try to make Scripture suit his position. This is something that, IMO, must be avoided.

Obviously, Christians within the liturgical tradition aren’t in total agreement about the Marian doctrines. For many liturgical Christian communions, it is a matter of individual belief. Instead of allowing it to be a source of contention, we should consider this: Mary and Joseph were both among some of the first to accept who Jesus really was. They raised and cared for him in the most difficult of circumstances. As with other important people in the New Testament, they were examples for all of us. If we forget our “ancestors in the faith”, we end up forgetting a lot of what it means to follow Christ.

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All About Ignatius of Antioch

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Saint of Animals – and Simplicity

Many of us are pretty well familiar with St. Francis and his love for all of God’s creatures. However, many are unaware of the contributions that St. Francis made to the monastic life during his time.

During the 13th century, many monastic communities were not great examples of self-dedication. It could have been said that many monastic communities were nothing more than nice homes for the wealthy. St. Francis’ new order of Friars Minor offered a example of simolicity that was radical for its time, and has had a lasting impact on monasticism.

Coupled with St. Francis’ respect for all of God’s creatures, the Franciscans have given the world a whole new respect for their ways. While not all are called to live the religious life, I think the Franciscan emphasis on living in harmony with all of God’s creatures can benefit all Christians.

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Sergius, Abbot

Life of St. Sergius

St. Sergius of Radonezh


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Friday’s Saints

St. Matthew the Apostle (Major Feast)

Martyrdom of St. Euphema

Catholic Saints

Orthodox Saints & Events

St. Mabenna


Philander Chase, Bishop of Ohio

Catholic Saints

Orthodox Saints

Martyrdom of Saint James of Jerusalem

St. Dinooth


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