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Quiz for 2 Epiphany

1. In 1 Samuel, how many times was Samuel called as a boy before realizing that it was God speaking to him?

A. Twice B. Once C. Four times D. He already knew God would be speaking to him

2. In Psalm 139, what does the psalmist compare the thoughts of God to?

A. Words on his lips B. The depths of the earth C. Grains of sand D. No comparison is made

3. In 1 Corinthians, why does Paul condemn fornication so strongly? A. The body is meant for the Lord B. The fornicators sins against his/her body C. A comparison is made between fornication and joining to a prostitute D. All of the above

4. Which follower of Jesus questioned whether anything good could come from Nazareth? A. Philip B. Nathanael C. Andrew D. Peter

5. True or False: Eli was the priest that Samuel served under as a boy


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October’s Bible Quiz

1. When God gave the Ten Commandments in the Book of Exodus, what did the people fear would happen to them if God spoke to them again? A. They would be unable to pray B. Their life in the Promised Land would not be enjoyable C. They would die D. God would test them

2. In Psalm 19, what do the law and commandments of the Lord do for us? A. Give sight to our eyes B. Revive our spirits C. Keep us completely from the effects of sin D. Both A and B

3. In what parable does Jesus include the following from Psalm 118 “The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; this was the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes’?” A. The good shepherd B. The tenants in the vineyard C. The laborers in the vineyard D. The good samaritan

4. In the Book of Revelation, we read of how God will wipe “every tear from their eyes”. Where else does a similar phrase appear? A. Isaiah B. 2 Chronicles C. Acts D. Exodus

5. In the letter to the Philippians, Paul exhorts them not to be anxious about anything and to do what else? A. Exhort the bretheren B. Let their requests be known in prayer C. Address their fellow Christians D. Pray for the defeat of their enemies

6. In the Gospel of Matthew, a group of Jewish leaders try to trap Jesus by asking whether one should pay their taxes. Which group was this? A. The Sadduccees B. The Pharisees C. The Essenes D. The zealots

7. Why was Joshua full of the Lord’s wisdom? A. Because Moses had laid hands on him B. The Israelites listened to him C. Both A and B D. He was born into Moses’ tribe

8. When God addressed Moses in the book of Leviticus, what was asked of the Israelites? A. Be holy B. Love your neighbor C. Use justice in dealing with others D. All of the above

9. What does one of the first 5 Psalms say about the godly? A. The law is their delight B. They are like fruit-bearing trees C. Things that they do prosper D. All of the above

10. True or False: When Paul wrote to the Thessalonians, he used the example of persecution for the cause of Christ as a means to encourage them A. True B. False

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Quiz: Proper 19

1. How was God being shown to the Israelites (in visible form) when the Egyptians were overcome at the Red Sea?

A. In a wall of water

B. An angel

C. Pillar of cloud

D. Fire

2. In Psalm 114, what are the mountains and hills compared to?

A. Seas and rivers

B. Earth and space

C. Rams and young sheep

D. Rivers and springs

3. In the letter to the Romans, Paul gives mentions something that signifies submission to Jesus. What is it?

A. Every knee bowing

B. Standing in judgement

C.Every tongues confessing that Jesus is Lord

D. A and C

4. In Matthew, what are we obligated to do if we want God to forgive us?

A. Submit to persecution

B. Forgive others

C. Forgive, but only once or twice

D. Refuse forgiveness unless offered to you

5. Fill in the blank in this section from Exodus: The LORD is my strength and my might, and he has become __________

A. My Avenger

B. My praise

C. King

D. Salvation

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Weekly Bible Trivia-Proper 16 (RCL)

1. What prompted the Egyptians to decide to kill the Hebrew infant boys?

A. Fear of competition for Pharoah’s throne

B. Fear of the Hebrews joining with an enemy army

C. Lack of midwives

D. Desire to import other slaves

2. Who was Moses’s wet nurse?

A. Pharoah’sdaughter

B. Puah

C. His own mother

D. His sister Miriam

3. Which of these Psalms includes a reference to israel being like a bird escaping from the fowler’s snare?

A. Psalm 124

B. Psalm 13

C. Psalm 78

D. Psalm 21

4. Which of the following is NOT a gift given to members of the Church, according to Romans 12?

A. Sacrifice

B. Exhortation

C. Ministering

D. Teaching

5. When Peter affirms his belief that Jesus is the Christ in Matthew 16, three prophets are mentioned.  Which are they?

A. Moses, Amos, John the Baptist

B. Elijah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist

C. Jeremiah, Isaiah, Malachi

D. Jeremiah, Malachi, Amos

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Trivia for Proper 10

1. Why was Esau called Edom?

A. Because he sold his birthright for a stew, apparently red

B. Because of his hunting skills

C. Because he supplanted his brother

D. He was born in Paddan-Aram

2. In a verse of Psalm 119, what is said to be the joy of the Psalmist’s heart?

A. The psalmist’s tribute

B. The psalmist’s life

C. God’s decrees

D. None of the above

3. In Isaiah 55, what will not return to the Lord void?

A. Seed to the sower

B. A memorial

C. The prophet’s purpose

D. God’s Word

4. Fill in the blanks: You crown the —- with your ——-, *
and your paths overflow with plenty

A. wilderness, joy

B. earth, abundance

C. year, goodness

D. meadows, flocks

5. In Romans, what statement does Paul make about the state of those who are IN Christ?

A. They are still of the world

B. They are partially of the Spirit, but mostly in the flesh

C. They are still under the Jewish laws

D. There is no condemnation for them

6. In Matthew 13, what type of seed does Jesus compare a person who falls away to?

A. The seed eaten by the birds

B. The seed sown in rocky ground

C. The seed scorched by the sun

D. Seed blown by the wind

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Weekly Bible Trivia Proper 9

The readings that these questions are drawn from can be found here

1. In Genesis, when Isaac’s servant meets Rebecca, she is presented with some sort of gifts. What are they?

a. a ring and bracelets b. camels and water jars c. male and female slaves d. sheep

2. In a Psalm in the 40-45 range, what does God promise to the king?

a. a bride of noble birth b. palaces of Tyre c. sons who will be princes over the earth d. the ability to conquer all nations

3. According to St. Paul in Romans, when is evil close at hand? a. when a human who will become a sinner is born b. when he desires to do good c. when he wants to do something different d. when anyone follows the law

4. To whom does Jesus promise to give rest in Matthew’s gospel? a. those who ask to have God revealed to them b. those with the gift of casting out demons c. those who seek wisdom d. the weary and heavy-burdened

5. What animal is the young man of the Song of Solomon compared to when he comes to his beloved? a. a gazelle b. a stag c. a flock of sheep d. both a & b

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Weekly Bible Trivia-Proper 8

1. What items does the Lord speak out against as an example of the peoples’ pride in Isaiah? (hint: one of the items is alluded to in Psalm 75)

a. peoples’ honor, the raging of the sea, the walls of Jericho b. Lebanon’s cedars, oaks of Bashan, ships of Tarshish c. the temples of Babylon, the animals of Philistia, the mountains of Hermon d. the towers of David, the Jordan River, the Sea of Galilea

2. Fill in the blanks: ____ and _____ go before your face (hint: one is described as the greatest of gifts in 1 Cor. 13)

a. love, truth b. success, exaltation c. love, endurance, d. strength, righteousness

3. In the letter to the Romans, what does Paul compare baptism to? (hint: the ancient practice of baptizing by immersion probably made this passage clear)

a. the Passover feast b. self-discipline c. burial d. Christ’s suffering

4. He who receives a follower of Christ also does what, according to the Gospel of Matthew? (hint: this passage contains a reference to the prophets)

a. receives Jesus and His Father b. is baptized into Christ’s death c. will prosper d. become holy

5. Who and/or what does Jesus say that we might (not must) have to give up for being followers of His? (hint: this is in the same chapter as the answer for the previous question)

a. Family members b. Human companionship c. A previous way of life d. Our homes

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Weekly Bible Trivia

Please feel free to answer these questions…winners will be announced!

Proper 7

1. Which biblical prophet described his anguish as being like a “fire shut up in his bones? (hint: this prophet spent some time shut up in a cistern)

a. Elijah b. Jeremiah c. Zephaniah d. Elisha

2. Fill in the blanks: ____ for your _____ has eaten me up (hint: this Psalm is used during Holy Week, and has 18 verses)

a. zeal, house b. foolishness, reproach c. crying, mercy d. zeal, knowledge

3. In the letter to the Romans, Paul talks about the consequences of sin and how Jesus’ death on the Cross gave us the ability to be right with God. Put these key words in the correct order. (hint: think of how the Gospel message is summarized in most “salvation plans”)

a. condemnation, trespass, many made righteous, justification b. many made righteous, condemnation, trespass, justification c. trespass, condemnation, justification, many made righteous d. justification, trespass, condemnation, many made righteous

4. When are the followers told to be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves? (hint: this is addressed specifically to the Twelve Disciples and appears in Matthew)

a. When the persecution of the Church begins b. When the end comes c. At Jesus’ trial and execution d. When they are sent out to preach the Gospel

5. Fill in the blanks: The one who________ will be saved

a. preaches the full gospel message b. makes himself the slave of all c. endures to the end d. mourns and laments their sins

Watch for the answers next week!

References are from the NRSV

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