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Comment Policy

Welcome! Regardless of whether you’re a fellow Christian from the liturgical tradition or a seeker, you’re welcome to this site. Here are a few simple rules to ensure that this site is a safe place to explore and discuss liturgical Christianity.

1. Please be respectful of other posters and their beliefs in your comments. Attacks against other visitors will not be tolerated.

2. Remember that site visitors may be from a variety of denominational backgrounds, or none at all. Please do not use comments as a way to attempt to prostelytize.

3. Do not bash liturgical Christianity in general, or the denominations that generally make up that tradition. (Anglican, Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran)

4. Respectful questions are welcome, but please remember that this is not a debating site.

5. Comments must actually address the post they’re in response to. Posting generic comments simply to promote a URL is not allowed.


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