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What IS Our Position in This Family, Anyway?

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What are we really fasting from?

We (or at least most Westerners) live in a society that is very individualistic. There’s a lot of emphasis on something to suit everyone, even in our approach to worship and other “church stuff”. This can often come into sharp conflict with the Biblical and traditional Christian view on being part of a larger community.

The Scripture readings for 2 Lent provide two different views of a community of faith: one, in Genesis 12:1-4, speaks of the descendants of Abraham. John 3:1-17 discusses being “born from above” (as opposed to biological birth). Paul ties everything together in Romans 4:1-17, emphasizing that it is grace that gives us a place in God’s family.

How do we put this together in the context of today’s world? We certainly aren’t called the deny any of our unique character or identity aspects, or otherwise develop a “herd animal” mentality. However, we definitely should reject the materialism, greed and selfishness that categorizes so much of daily life today.

Maybe we (the Church as a whole) have missed the point by emphasizing Lenten fasting that focuses on food, beverages or TV. While we should cut back on or give up things that aren’t beneficial to us, it’s also important to consider whether they have the ability to bring about true spiritual change in our lives. Fast from:

  • Self-centeredness
  • Greed
  • Materialism
  • What else?



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