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Better Together: CelticAnglican’s Ramblings and Liturgical Christianity as One

This blog will soon be combined with my primary CelticAnglican’s Ramblings blog. The original Liturgical Christianity site was part of a revenue-share program that unfortunately didn’t work out. However, authors had the chance to keep the domain and content.

However, balancing posting to two blogs that often have overlapping content, as well as a personal and a few business blogs, presents a challenge to my job schedule. Often, it comes down to choosing between posting to one blog or the other, or posting content that is not up to par with my preferred quality. Neither are a good situation for a blogger.

I’ll be working on exporting most of the current content to the other blog, as well as providing redirection links for posts that have been moved. For those who follow the blogs on Facebook, I’ll still maintain a separate page for the liturgical Christianity-at-large content.

Blessings to all!


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